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Hönich Stool (2020)

Unsatisfied with the stools available in the stores, I decided to build my own. With a small sketch in my hand, I went to my local wood shop to get me a fresh sheet of 16 mm thick plywood. Inspired by the amount of bees my parents have in their garden my sense for biomimicry took over and I wanted the stool to have a honeycomb shape. A couple hours of sawing and sanding later, the frame was ready. I used foam to clothe the sides and top in order to gain more comfort. By re-using pillowcases that were made from the same fabric as my curtains, I was able to create a matching color palette in my interior. I designed some sewing patterns in order to upholster the stool. After sewing I put the fabric around it and used a stapler to fasten the fabric on the bottom inside. After clamping the bottom plate on the inside and attaching some anti-slip pads, it was ready for use!

Marco hout_JPG.jpeg
marco hout2_JPG.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2020-08-18 at 13_27_21 (1 (1).jpeg
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