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Industrial Design Master Thesis

Master Thesis Industrial Design at the Technical University Eindhoven 

During my Master Thesis I worked on a novel sports prosthesis for competitive para-cyclists with an shoulder disarticulation in collaboration with the German Sports University in Cologne. This prosthesis can be adjusted in lenght during cycling with a non-invasive interaction on the handle bar. The fixed length of current sports prosthesis limits the body position they can take on while cycling.































By designing an prosthesis that can be quickly and effortlesly altered in length, paracyclists with the aforementioned impairment can enjoy those same benefits non-impaired cyclists standard have. The positive incidentals are a more effective distribution of force,  the utilization of different and additional muscle groups to prevent fatigue, better aerodynamics when descending, a better control over the body’s center of gravity and a decrease of pressure on the lower back during long climbs. Therefore, being able to freely adjust posture during cycling will have an increased performance and comfort as result.

snipping 3.JPG.jpg
Capture 9.JPG.jpg
exploded view.165.png
exploded view.164.png
exploded view.162.png
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